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Haydn trio

Founded in 1992, the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt of Austria comprises Harald Kosik, violinist Verena Stourzh and cellist Hannes Gradwohl. Its repertoire covers all the piano trios composed by Haydn, besides classical trios by other famous composers. The group's harmonic cohesion makes for an energetic and lively performance.

7:30 pm, Dec 10. 80-380 yuan. National Center for the Performing Arts, west of Tian'anmen Square. 6655-0000

国家大剧院, 天安门广场西

Puppet show

The China Puppet Theater presents the bilingual puppet show Nutcracker, about a little girl and her magical dream on Christmas Eve.

10:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday until Dec 20. 60-150 yuan. China Puppet Theater, A1 Anhuali, Chaoyang district. 6424-3697 ext 8004

中国木偶剧院, 朝阳区安华里甲一号


Intriguing installation

Mao Tongqiang's installation series, Title Deed for Land, is full of experimental elements. Composed of more than 1,400 title deeds for land of different periods he collected, the work distils Mao's understanding of society, history and land.

9 am-8 pm, until Dec 14. Wall Art Museum, 34 Third Ring Road Zhonglu, Chaoyang district. 6564-8232

墙美术馆, 朝阳区东三环中路34号

Painting history

Artist Zhou Sicong (1939-1996) is best remembered for her realistic portrayal of historical figures, including that of late Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enali, as well as ordinary people.

Twelve of her representative ink paintings and 66 sketches, created before the 1980s, are now on show.

9 am-5 pm, until Dec 15 except Monday. Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy, 1 Liulitun Beili, Chaoyang district. 6507-1285

北京画院美术馆, 朝阳区六里屯北里1号


Chinese roots

Nick Admussen is a Phd candidate at Princeton University. He received a Master of Fine Arts in poetry writing at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was awarded the position of writer-in-residence in 2003. Admussen will explain some of the Chinese roots of modern and contemporary English poetry in the work of Ezra Pound, Gary Snyder, Frank Bidart, and others, as well as the influence of translation in his own poetry.

7:30 pm, Dec 9. 20-30 yuan. The Bookworm, Building 4 The Village at Sanlitun, Courtyard 19, Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang district. 6586-9507

朝阳区三里屯路19号院三里屯Village 4号楼

Live music

Stunning jazz show

Trumpeter Ryan Kisor and drummer Willie Jones III from Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra are both artists of consummate skill, known for their rare musical and technical abilities. They have been well received by jazz musicians and audiences worldwide.

They will share the stage with Xia Jia, one of the finest keyboard players in China. The audience is in for a treat, given their unparalleled technical brilliance and stylistic authenticity.

9 pm, Dec 9, 30-50 yuan. D-22, 242 Chengfulu, Haidian district. 6265-3177


The master mixer

Richard Quitevis, known by his stage name DJ Qbert or Grandmixer Qbert, is a Filipino-American turntablist and composer. He is often referred to as the Jimi Hendrix of the turntables, known to make them sing in complex and subtle ways. He invented the first musical annotation system for scratching, battling and composing on vinyl.

With 25 years behind the decks, DJ Qbert will put together an unforgettable live show.

10 pm, Dec 9. 50 yuan. Bling, Solana 5-1, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuanlu, Chaoyang district. 5905-6999


Rock meets southwest folk

Shanren literally means mountain people. The Shanren band is made up of members from Yunnan and Guizhou, two provinces located in the remote southwest of China.

The band members are from different Chinese ethnic minorities. Qu Zihan and Xiao Ou from Han, Ai Yong from Wa and Xiao Budian from Buyi. They are proud of their roots and derive their musical genre from local music.

They use both Chinese traditional instruments and electric instruments, and are high on humor. Last month the band performed overseas for the first time, presenting Chinese traditional and folk music. Before their upcoming tour of Korea, Shanren will have a concert at Yugong Yishan.

9 pm, Dec 9. 40-50 yuan. Yugong Yishan. East Courtyard, site of Duanqirui Government, Zhangzizhong Lu, Dongcheng district, 6404-2711




Fine fusion

The decor here is a fusion of geometrical designs and antiquated European styles of adornment. A full range of wine is available.

Liangma Lounge, Third floor of Liangma Bogong. 53 Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang district.



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